Saint-Emilion, Hallelujah!

Jurade, Vinexpo Château Soutard

Concept: Each Saint-Emilion “Spring Festival” begins with a series of solemn induction ceremonies, organised in atmospheric historical sites around the town. A traditional banquet, such as this event at Chateau Soutard, provides the festive and friendly setting for a celebration of the finest wines and the delicious dishes that best accompany them.

Context: The “Spring Festival” and the “Ban des Vendanges” are two major events in the Saint-Emilion Jurade’s calendar. The dinner at Chateau Soutard was prepared by Michelin-starred chef Hélène Darroze.

Creation: From designing and producing the entire event to organising the various artistic interventions, each annual Spring Festival is a unique creative project.